Ian Macleod Cassels, BFA, Teacher – Fine Arts & Interaction Design


Ian is a Dutch/Scottish freelance interaction designer and teacher at the Graphic Lyceum vocational college in Rotterdam.
With an exceptional style all his own Ian is best known for the work he’s produced through his design initiative, “Mediaontwerpers” where he conceives & constructs original interactive installations combining concept, design and technologies in completely unexpected ways. Ian has participated in exhibitions in Moscow, St Petersburg, Yaroslav and Florence. His work connects people with a surprising-take on interaction. Humor and irony are often the basis for his installations. Ian utilizes technology to initiate contact and create an respons or dialogue with the public.
Most recently Ian’s interactive installations have been exhibited at the Biennale (2009) in Venice, “Splendor in the Grass” – with Dutch design studio Droog in New York City and at the festival, “Rotterdam viert de stad” (Rotterdam celebrates the city) – for Pro Arts Design & Rotterdam Festivals.
Using tools like Arduino, VR, video mapping and Touchdesigner Ian Cassels interests and motivates students to apply new technologies in their work. Ian implements his knowledge gained from his own projects and installations within the Graphic Lyceum to prepare students for the rapidly developing world.